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The Secret to Your Credit Union’s Success with Social Media

Social Media is Still in It’s Infancy

Let’s face it. Social media is a lot like a toddler. It’s groping around for things to hold onto, experimenting, and discovering it’s own personality. Much like a child, it thinks it knows exactly who he or she is and everything about everything. Truthfully, though, we are still learning who, or what, social media is. Furthermore, we have yet to see who, or what, it will grow up to be.

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By Tim Bunch

Tim Bunch is a Web Developer from Rockaway Beach, Oregon. As a web standards fanatic, he passionately pursues best practices. He also actively engages people on a wide range of topics in a variety of social media networks. Tim is also an avid Wordpress developer, music maker, coffee drinker, and child raiser. @timbunch

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