Here’s Why Your Bootstrap Collapsed Alert Jumps When Expanded

I’ve seen this Bootstrap issue countless times. A collapsed div is collapsed and expanded with Bootstrap Collapse. When it opens up, it appears to over-expand and then jump back up. It’s super annoying.

Here’s what your code might look like:

<div class="collapse alert alert-info" id="my-alert-box">My hidden alert box with some text.</div>

Here’s what you should do:

<div class="collapse" id="my-alert-box">
    <div class="alert alert-info">My hidden alert box with some text.</div>

The collapsed div can’t have padding applied to it. By moving the alert inside of the collapsed div, we solve the problem.

Body Height + CSS Background Images

If you’ve ever tried adding a background to the body element of a web page, you may have been a tad frustrated. By itself, the background will only cover the used portion of the page. If the height of the browser window is taller than the page, your background is cut short. Continue reading Body Height + CSS Background Images

Customizing The WordPress Registration Form

Often times, people want a way to modify the look of the registration form page in WordPress. However, this desired outcome is often misplaced. What most people want to do is simply place the form on a page, such as the home page or special registration page. Continue reading Customizing The WordPress Registration Form

Create a SpeedBump with jQuery & the Bootstrap Modal

A speedbump is a essentially a confirmation dialogue when a website visitor clicks a link to leave your site. Speedbumps are actually required by law in some countries for industries such as Credit Unions and banks. There are several ways to create a speedbump, and I’m going to show you just one way. You can borrow or adapt any part of these methods for your own site. Continue reading Create a SpeedBump with jQuery & the Bootstrap Modal

WordPress Pagination With Bootstrap

I love Bootstrap. I also love WordPress.

One issue I came across in my WordPress theme development using Bootstrap was the pagination styling. It wasn’t complete, and some edits needed to be made in order for it to look right. Continue reading WordPress Pagination With Bootstrap

Simple PHP+CSS+jQuery Anti-Spam Measure

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