Create a SpeedBump with jQuery & the Bootstrap Modal

A speedbump is a essentially a confirmation dialogue when a website visitor clicks a link to leave your site. Speedbumps are actually required by law in some countries for industries such as Credit Unions and banks. There are several ways to create a speedbump, and I’m going to show you just one way. You can borrow or adapt any part of these methods for your own site. Continue reading Create a SpeedBump with jQuery & the Bootstrap Modal

Use PHP STRISTR To Stop Comment Form Spammers

It’s not often that spam gets past my defenses. However, when it does, it’s really annoying. So today I set out to stop comment form spammers from submitting forms with one or more links.

PHP’s STRISTR searches a string for anything that matches your search. So, searching for “http://” will return true if it is found in the string. This will only work on form fields that you do not want to allow a link to be added. So, it may help to give visitors a heads up before they post a comment with a hyperlink included. Continue reading Use PHP STRISTR To Stop Comment Form Spammers

WordPress Pagination With Bootstrap

I love Bootstrap. I also love WordPress.

One issue I came across in my WordPress theme development using Bootstrap was the pagination styling. It wasn’t complete, and some edits needed to be made in order for it to look right. Continue reading WordPress Pagination With Bootstrap

Simple PHP+CSS+jQuery Anti-Spam Measure

Today I set out to implement some additional anti-spam measures for some forms on one of my sites. Let me start by saying that this should not be the only thing you do to prevent spam. Nor are these ideas new or unique. This is just a simple technique to help prevent spam. Continue reading Simple PHP+CSS+jQuery Anti-Spam Measure